• TGE Index Investment Report - Q4 & Year-End 2020


  • Roblox Goes Public at USD$38.3bn Valuation; EA Employee Allegedly Selling FUT Cards

  • EG7 Acquires Innova for €109.8m; Rivalry Raises USD$20m

  • Saudi Wealth Fund Invests USD$3.3bn in Gaming; Apple Subpoenas Valve

  • Embracer Group sales up 44%; Artie Raises USD$10m

  • PS5 Drift Lawsuit Filed Against Sony; Final Level Raises R$8.5m

  • Nintendo Boosts Revenue Forecast to JP¥1.6tn; Sumo Group Acquires PixelAnt Games

  • Opera Acquires YoYo Games; Multiple Studios Fined for Geoblocking

  • ESA to Pause Political Donations; Capcom Breach Affecting up to 390,000

  • CD Projekt Under Consumer Protection Scrutiny; Publicis Launches Dedicated Gaming Offering

  • Epic Games Acquires Rad Game Tools; Tapjoy Reaches Settlement with the FTC