• TGE Index Investment Report - Q4 & Year-End 2020


  • Paradox Interactive Staff Allege Poor Treatment; Gameye raises USD$2.4m

  • Epic's Suit Against Apple Continues; Japan Heightens Scrutiny Against Apple

  • IDFA Changes Could Trigger Job Losses; Skillz Prepares for IPO

  • IGN China Relaunched by Ziff Davis and Tencent; Apple Blocks Epic Games Updates

  • Unity Files for IPO; US Court Partially Upholds Epic Injunction Against Apple

  • Microsoft Supporting Epic in Apple Dispute; Corsair Gaming Files for USD$100m IPO

  • Fortnite Removed from App Store and Google Play - Epic Games to Sue

  • New Platform Publishing Models: Q&A with Bryan Buskas, Rogue Games

  • Discord Raises USD$100m; Thousands of Games Removed from China iOS Store

  • Apple Terminating Arcade Games for Retention; PlayBrain Raises USD$6m