Disruptor Beam Lifts Lid on Mobile Live-Ops & Game Dev Platform

The Boston-based development studio Disruptor Beam has made a move into game tech, revealing that it is releasing a new platform for mobile game development and live ops.

Known for its work on Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and in particular Star Trek mobile games, Disruptor Beam is now making its Disruptor Engine available to third parties. The new platform is essentially a commercialised version of its internal game technology, which has been used to build and maintain titles like Star Trek Timelines.

Disruptor Engine will offer social, analytic, commercial, live operations, and identity functionality, promising a means to develop content efficiently and maximise monetisation potential.

The evolution of the Disruptor Engine into an external technology coincides with the news that its creator will be releasing three unnamed mobile titles in the coming 18 months. Disruptor Beam has also made two new senior hires to accommodate the ramp up in its work: financial services expert Claire Wadlington as chief financial officer, and product lead veteran Trapper Markelz as chief product officer.

“Over the past several years, Disruptor Beam has made substantial investments in our game platform, which has led to dramatic improvements in our time-to-market and ability to operate games profitably”, said Jon Radoff, Disruptor Beam founder & CEO. “We are now ready to start turning those investments into solutions for others looking for an advantage in launching and operating mobile games.

"Claire and Trapper are extraordinarily qualified executives who can spur even more growth at Disruptor Beam by helping us act upon this opportunity, enabling us to create more games than ever before – both our own titles and those we’ll be creating with our partners.”

If anyone was in doubt as to Disruptor Beam's experience making a success of live mobile games, its three lead titles Game of Thrones Ascent, The Walking Dead: March To War, and Star Trek Timelines demonstrate aggregate global revenues that the studio reports are on track to clear USD$100m (£76.5m) in value this year.