• The Programmatic Counter-Revolution: Why the Industry Needs to do its Bit to Avoid a Personal Data Backlash

    In this special contributed piece, Erick Fang, CEO of AI-driven ad platform Mintegral, considers the need for the programmatic sector to make the case for its responsibility, or risk imprecise regulation becoming the dominant governing force.   From time to time, I [...]

  • DeltaDNA Launches AdVantage Ad Management and Analytics Service

    DeltaDNA is well known throughout the games industry. It's core offering combines data, analytics and marketing technology to serve engagement and monetisation. But the company is equally famed for its oft-quoted reports and presentations, which commonly found or buoy up [...]

  • ironSource debuts new cross-platform mobile cross-promotion solution

    Mobile monetisation and marketing outfit ironSource has launched a new cross-platform solution that enables mobile developers to manage cross promotion campaigns while utilising a suite of ad network capabilities. Available to those that use the ironSource mediation platform - which TheGamingEconomy [...]

  • NBA 2K19 and the 'unskippable' ads fiasco

    2K's long-standing and wildly popular basketball game NBA 2K19 has in recent days been the subject of a flood of frustration from players unhappy with the premium title's apparent ramping up of 'unskippable' ads. It appears some of that frustration may [...]

  • Developers can now build Synative playable game demos in Google Play for free

    Game ad tech specialist Synative has moved to make its Playable Studio platform free for devs looking to build playable 'Try Now' demos for Google Play. In essence Synative offers in Playable Studio an accessible platform for building playable ads, all [...]

  • In-app ads: Are you leaving revenue on the table?

    Liz Waldeck-Pinckert is director of publisher monetization and strategy at mobile advertising and marketing platform AdColony. In this contributed piece, she shares valuable insights into embracing in-app advertising, while busting some myths about how users - and content creators - perceive [...]

  • Next-Gen On-Device Mobile AI: What Is It & What Might It Mean for Game Ad Tech?

    Tencent, Qualcomm, and Vivo recently announced a new partnership, with a view to refining game experiences by harnessing the potential of on-device mobile AI. We've all heard so much about AI in recent months that it's easy to assume any reference [...]

  • PepsiCo Planned Space-Based Orbiting Billboard for Gaming Ad Campaign

    U.S. soft drinks giant PepsiCo was, until recently, planning to launch a gaming-focused advertising campaign hosted on billboards suspended in space. If you're not familiar with 'stratosphere advertisements' – also known as 'orbital display ads' – brace yourself. Russian tech outfit StartRocket [...]

  • Epic Removes Problematic Player-Created Content from Fortnite

    Gaming giant Epic has removed a player-created scene from the Fortnite gameplay map after the game's fans reported that it depicted seriously problematic content. TheGamingEconomy will offer a brief warning here; this article will necessarily make very occasional and passing references to [...]

  • GDC Day Two Roundup: Google Enters Gaming Market with Stadia

    Google has made its move on gaming with the announcement of streaming platform Stadia.  The news came on the second day of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco; and it surely stands as one of the most significant gaming reveals [...]